Welcome to the exciting world of understanding and communicating with your baby. "Communicate by signing not whining!"

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Babies hear and understand language before they are able to speak. Use Baby Sign Language as a method to communicate with your baby. Haven't you ever looked into an infants eyes and wondered what they were thinking? Or listened to your toddler cry and tried to guess what they want? Communicate with your baby by signing instead of whining. You will encourage your baby to express itself. Successful communication with an infant or toddler leads to understanding. Experience the joy and wonder of a child's learning. Understand their world and know what they are thinking or what they need. A first time parent shares, "Being able to understand what my baby wants has made such a difference in our relationship - our bond." Baby signs are the building blocks to that relationship.


Teacher/author Susan C. Hagel, MS, CTRS has over 30 years of experience teaching conversational American Sign Language and Baby Sign Language.

Published research has shown that using signs and gestures with children who can hear can encourage speech and language development.